Is PVOUTPUT struggling?

there seem to be delays in uploading generation. I thought it was just my system but looking at others there seems to be a backlog of updates at this time 14.40 British Summer Time. Not a problem but was confusing me as I am changing my uploading service.

Further to my post - with ever increasing traffic on this excellent site, would it be helpful if we were to 1) Upload at 10 min intervals instead of 5 minutes
2) stagger our uploads, each upload plant choosing the last digit of their house number or last digit of system id so that the update requests would be spread evenly over the 10 minute period? ie for house number 247 you would update at 7 minutes past the hour then 17 and 27 and so on. Would this scheme help I wonder?

Same issue here over the weekend.

As for staggering uploads, I already upload on 3s and 8s, that doesn’t seem to be the issue. I suspect its a database or storage issue.

Not a fan of changing to 10-minute upload cycles as I’m using bespoke software, but if others want to give it a go, that’s cool.

Delayed uploads over the weekend for me as well and I’m still seeing the same problem this morning (UK). Everything is catching up eventually though.


So seems I am not the only one. Posting a few seconds later as suggested by applegarth may not be sufficient, but spreading across a 10 min (or even a 5 min) window may help - no doubt BB has a view. I also notice that my latest upload is being posted before earlier ones which is surprising. Yesterday there was a long delay and alternate uploads were posted on the graph giving the impression that the generation was falling to zero then rising again every 5 minutes. A very misleading picture. Eventually as you say bobboulby, it does catch up.

More erratic postings alternates - see attached screen print of the effect:-

Just noticed that the list of uploads, below the graph, is updated but the graph is not - eg for 13.10 shows zero on the graph but 732w on the list of uploads even more strange!

Are the uploads using the API directly?

No, my two uploads are using SBFSpot and a Python script from a Growatt inverter.

Things seem to be back to normal today (15 September) though.


No BB - the power usage is using the PVOUTPUT API directly, but the generation is uploading via scrip SMA2PVOUTPUT both are being delayed at times. Better today however.