Is it possible to import and import energy at the same time?

There is a system in Poland that makes it possible to import and export energy at the same time. When we have a 3-phase installation, we can produce energy on one phase and import on the other. But the measuring systems only gave us information about the total consumption and generation. Is it possible to save the import and export at the same time? If not, how to make the energy consumed, imported and exported information correctly displayed?


Live data uploads calculate a net power value which results in an energy import or export at each 5 minute interval.

If you are only interested in the resulting balance of all 3-phases then the Aggregate Tariffs setting on the Parent System will add all the child credit/debit balances and save it to the parent. But it won’t affect import/export of the parent.


We might add a new setting to sum (import / export data from child systems) which will show the correct sum energy import/export from the 3-phases on the parent system.

I have tried what you suggested but still and observer some discrepancy between children systems and parent result aggregation.
This is parents stystem pleas look at date 2020-03-21

And these are children’s systems:

Please note that the value of imported and exported data on parent side is not equal to the value we see on the children’s side.
What algorytm do you use for calculate aggregation?

BR Tomek

The parent receive the aggregated result of all children when a child has an update. However, if you are updating the parent directly then any aggregation will be overwritten.

My question was different. Why does the sum of children’s exports and imports not equal the parent’s value?


Looking at the consumption values for 2021-03-21

  • solar only import = 12.734
  • solar producion = 4.998
  • solar farm (parent) = 12.734

The solar producion consumption was not added to the parent.

The solar producion system has the Aggregation Mode setting to Solar which means only generation data will be aggregated to the parent and consumption is ignored.

Use All aggregation mode on both child/parent systems to aggregate both solar and consumption from children to parent. Then import/export of parent and children should match.

I still see some discrepancy between values of parent and children but now in oposit direction. Can you check my settings if everythings is alright with them?

Settings are fine and the child/parent results match up.

  • Generation 3.436 = 3.436 + 0.000
  • Consumption 6.499 = 2.246 + 4.253
  • Net -3.063 = 1.190 - 4.253

But pay attention that imported and exported anergy don’t match up. For me this value are importent because they give me information about my settlements with power company.

The results add up and is behaving as expected.

  • Parent (import - export) = 3.998 - 0.935 = 3.063 Net
  • Child 1 (import - export) = 0.000 - 1.190 = -1.190
  • Child 2 (import - export) = 4.253 - 0.000 = 4.253

Sum = 4.253 - 1.190 = 3.063 Net

I see what you mean but i wonder if its possible to change display export values on parent to 4.253 from 3.998 and import to 1.190 from 0.935 . Haw 3.998 is calculated ?

Can you add this futures to pvoutput I will be thankful
We might add a new setting to sum (import / export data from child systems) which will show the correct sum energy import/export from the 3-phases on the parent system.


No this is not possible, 4.253 is the gross consumption value of one of the children and when the solar is added the amount imported will be reduced by the solar amount.

Both consumption and generation all child systems are added at every 5-minute interval, not the total end of day amount.