Is it possible for PVO to keep settings per-tab?

Specifically - i have 3 systems tracking the same PV plant; one is taking data from the inverter, the other taking data from a powerwall and it’s current clamps and the third computing the utility cost by watching just the utility flow. i have these 3 systems open in 3 tabs in safari.

the inverter-based system and the utility-based system naturally want to be on the first “page” - the “show all” page. but the powerwall-based system wants to be on the extended data page to watch the battery flow/ SOC. but i find that if i switch the powerwall system to the extended page, then go reload either of the other two tabs, they switch to the extended page. i have to click to set them back.

is it possible for PVO to create a per-tab context so this setting will not be changed in one tab when i change it in another?

The last view (standard/consumption/extended) is remembered for the login session, since all tabs are considered one session any changes to one will affect the other.

Its not supported, but changed to an ‘idea’ to allow an account option to disable view stickiness.

ok thanks, appreciate that.