Invalid Upload for v5 = Temperatur


Dear community,

since 01\11\2020 I have a problem with uploading the temperature-value v5.
Sometimes (every 2. or 3. value) the temperature is always 3.1C degree.

Is there a problem with the import-API or has anyone an idea about my mistake in CURL-command?
I’m using this method for a long time and there was never a problem with uploading data.

Here an example:

The CURL-command was sent automatically by my smart-home-software every 5 minutes.

Thank you for advice and sorry for my ugly english,
with regards from germany
You will find my output with “PV-Harry”


Hi Harry28,

I see in the addstatus string above that ‘v1=-1’. Is v1 allowed to be < 0?

Have you altered the settings of your system to update v5 from some other source such as openweather or weatherunderground?

Your English is far better than my German.



The command looks fine. The temperature is not always 3.1.



Thank you for your quick responses.

Yes, not always 3.1. That is the problem, as I mentioned every 2. or 3. value.
Thank you for the confirmation of my code-example. :+1:

Thank you for the praise - I try not to use a dictionary. :grin:
v1=-1 is because in the night, there are no values.
In the past no problems, but I will update my code and generate a “v1=0”. Is this correct?

Today, the values look very good since 14:40.
I’ve changed nothing, so may be an admin has found an error?

Thank you for help.
With regards from germany


Hi Harry28,

If it is working with v1=-1 I would leave well enough alone. Maybe it was just a computer gremlin :slight_smile: or the temperature sensor is being temperamental.



Or the „ghost in the machine“ (I, Robot) :wink:

Today all values are fine without any change on my side.

Thank you to the admin in the background. :smiley:

This thread is solved.

With regards from germany