Integration service uploading from CC envi

My upload from cc envi has not been working correctly - I do not have all the 1 minute interval data bursts from the monitor. I wondered how the PVIS would handle this? I expected it to either sum the data for the last 5 i minute data lines and divide by 5 to give the average for the 5 minutes, or to count the number of data lines in the preceding 5 minute period and divide by that number of readings for an average. I looked into it to find how it seems to do it and I find that the PVIS simply takes the power data on the 5th,10th.15th etc minute and reports this for that time. Evidently this may be very far from reality. In my case I could have 2000w reported for 4 minutes and then 0w for the 5th minute and PVIS reports 0.
Would it be possible to modify the PVIS to take the average power of the data bursts since the last 5 minute report. This would produce a much more accurate report of the CC data?