Integration service and com stream from cc envi

I notice the log files for the integration service show the cc envi data at 1 minute intervals. I wonder how this is used to produce the 5 minute interval figures on pvoutput. Is the 5 min figure the average of the 1 min figures for the power and the energy is derived from that average over 5 minutes?
I ask because one of my streams is erratic and is not producing data for each minute, so is the averaging done as “sum of data over 5 minutes divided by the number of occurances” or is it always “sum divided by 5”? This is something which may have been happening for years, and I am trying to establish how this will have affected my daily and cumulative figures. I have now fixed the error but the dodgy history remains.

It should be the average of the number of 1-minute samples in the 5-minute window.

Hmm . See below a section of the cc logs for 11/11/22. For KB Gas consumption. Looking at 08.10 I have (on the graphs) power of 11768w which is the power at 08.08. I would expect this to be the average of the 07.08 and the 08.08 which is (9282+11768)/2 = 10525.

Further down 08.56, 08.58 and 09.00 averages at 13370 but reported at 09.00 is 11271 which is the reading for 08.58.

Am I missing something? See data below.

Data table from pvoutput

11/11/22 09:00 - - - - - 19.9C - 6.402kWh 11,271W
11/11/22 08:55 - - - - - 19.9C - 5.463kWh 18,398W
11/11/22 08:50 - - - - - 19.9C - 3.930kWh 15,746W
11/11/22 08:45 - - - - - 19.9C - 2.618kWh 1W
11/11/22 08:35 - - - - - 19.9C - 2.618kWh 8,287W
11/11/22 08:15 - - - - - 20.0C - 2.618kWh 19,558W
11/11/22 08:10 - - - - - 20.0C - 0.988kWh 11,768W
11/11/22 08:05 - - - - - 19.9C - 0.007kWh 1W
Log extract:-











Its been a while but you are right, the logic is it will round the last interval to the nearest 5-minutes and upload that data point. This is no averaging of the data points.

Thanks BB - any chance of a more accurate data point such as average of the reports from the preceding 5 minutes? regards G

I’d say a very slim chance :frowning:

Its a pretty old setup and would need to dig up a COM port emulator used to simulate the currentcost device data.

Fair does. I still use cc because I upload gas consumption as well and there are few options for that, and my cc gasmart device works well.