Increasing Power usage but constant Energy usage?

I upload my statistics to pvoutput via my iotawatt but had some issues with a ct clamp constantly unclamping so I replaced it for a new one. I’ve configured the new one to show correct information on the Iotawatt stats correctly. It shows data as expected: Constant overall power usage, with rising energy usage at the same rate… but when those values get uploaded to pvoutput it gets really weird.

before (as expected) Pagoda 12.150kW
after (odd energy usage) Pagoda 12.150kW

From what I can tell, I only provide generation and consumption to pvoutput via the data uploader api calls… and the power usage is correct, but the energy usage stops increasing when i’m generating. what gives? what did i mess up?

graph for same date range as pvoutput… would expect to be similar:

Here’s a screenshot of my current iotawatt outputs:

and my pvoutput uploader:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I did a factory reset on my iotawatt and remade the inputs/outputs and then reloaded the history and it seems to have solved whatever this was… maybe the iotawatt was submitting some incorrect data or something. The only thing is that it shows consumption incorrectly when I’m consuming all of the solar I’m generating. I will continue to investigate on my own.

I thought it was fixed but as time goes on, unless I force history reload it shows really weird data. It looks like if the weather is not “Fine” it does not calculate correctly.

Although slightly cloudy today this just does not make sense. Does anyone know what is causing this? Does pvoutput calculate the efficiency based on the weather or something?


I’m not at all familiar with iotawatt. Looking at your latest PVO data [ 22:55 22SEP2022 ] though I can see that your energy GENERATED hits 12.947kWh at 12:35 and stops increasing despite the Power Generated figures thereafter being +VE.

The Power GENERATED figures would also expect to go back to ‘0’ at sunset!

Similarly at 09:20 your energy GENERATED figure hits 12.875kWhr and stop increasing despite the Power Consumed figures being +VE.

This suggests that the later / updated ENERGY figures that are being sent to PVO are not being updated.

Are you able to provide a diagram of where your clamps are located on your household cabling? The diagram will need to show the location of your inverter, household load[s] and mains’ supply.


A quick workaround is to only send power (v2/v4) and PVOutput will calculate energy (v1/v3)