Increase estimation accuracy with "panel" temperature


Is anybody uploading temperature from sensor at the bottom of or close to a panel?
Still debating is it worth extra trouble or just stay with personal weather station data close to the array…


I think this would be hard to standardize as some systems use the weather temperature while others use inverter temperature. Perhaps you could log panel temperature as a function of output in the extended data fields.


IMO It’s probably not worth the trouble to monitor back of panel temperatures. PV Module temperature coefficients are in the range of 0.3%/°C. By the time you consider the accuracy of the devices you’re using to measure your output and temperature, the temperature affect would be noise.

I’ve been involved with several utility scale PV Projects (~125 MWac) where we use very accurate devices to measure power, energy, temperature, humidity, irradiance, wind speed, etc. and we would typically only monitor the back of module temperatures of less than 0.1% of the modules. We would monitor ambient temperature, irradiance and wind speed at several locations throughout the site to account for variations in the conditions as the area covered would be in excess of 1500 Acres.