Inaccurate output displayed

Hi have just configured my solar output and when I look at my fronius online data and the pvout they are different. I can tell that the pvoutput shows very low energy. Anyone able to help why this is different. I have 5kw Fronius inverter with 300w x 22inverter facing east.

Online Fronius production as below

Hi if you show what solar web is showing as well that would help,also it sometimes takes 3 days of outputs for a new system to settle down to steady figures especially if you change things as you go at the start.

ha again are you using just the log post{ thats override update every hour} as well as the 5 min post as it looks as if the is a data problem somewhere,if both turn of the log post and if only 5 min post turn on the log post and see if that fixes your problem, i also have a fronius inverter with 6625 watts of panels

I checked you curve in PVOutput and got an even lower number 18.9 kWh. I have been doing this for over two years and my results agree with the electric company measurements on their smart meter. I don’t have enough information about your PVOutput setup to know if it has been done correctly. I don’t see how PVOutput got their 24.3 kWh figure form the data unless they used a multiplication factor. You should check the fronius figure of 36.00 kWh and see to what time period it is referring.
The data at PVOutput for your system looks the same as the fronius power curve but the fronius average power has a curious dip every hour exactly on the hour. Very strange.

The Fronius is reporting faulty DAY_ENERGY push data - this can be seen in the drops in average power (orange line) vs instantaneous power (green line)

This can be turned off by adding &nodayenergy=1 to the end of the push setting to PVOutput.

Thanks for the detail. I am new the PVout setting, could you please be specific where am I adding, &nodayenergy=1 to the end of the push setting to PVOutput.





Thanks a lot

Hi I tried above new settings but my output is still showing inaccurate, almost 30-40% less via pvouput compare to online Fronius reading, any other suggestions?

as i said before TURN OFF the log push ,that should fix it jim