Improper data from SolarEdge


No accurate data is added to PVOutput from SolarEdge. It has not been good for weeks. But I did not say anything in the settings. Can not you do something?


What is the issue specifically?

The solaredge data is taken directly from the solaredge API data provided without any changes, so it would be a solaredge API reporting issue



The amount measured by SE does not match the data shown here. The deviation is about 0.2 to 0.5 kW per day.


Energy is calculated by default, you can enable SolarEdge energy with the setting below -

Many users have reported that SolarEdge will often over report energy output and that calculated energy is more accurate.


This setting is not allowed. Restores automatically disabled. Is there anything else that should be supposed to be?


This setting should work for you now.


Yes really. But I noticed that when I enter the settings, the energy automatically resets to disabled.
This is something you should do.


Your energy is enabled, check again.



I’ve changed something in the settings, but I’m not sure what to do. Since then, it does not show the same information as the Solaredge website.
Can you look at my settings?



Apparently it has been solved.
But power consumption and voltage can not be displayed. Do you have this idea?


Change the direction to Consumption. DC Voltage is retrieved from the solar feed if it is available.


Hi there, I have Solar SE5000H units, and i just cant seem to have it present the data in the correct way. Can anyone provide settings feedback please? Hoping to get all the generation metrics, however its saying nothing exported, but the data is also not showing the correct generation numbers (PVO shows 2kw, actual is 7kw)


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It is not clear whether you are talking about Power or Energy.

There are two values shown on the production page…Power which is in kilowatts (kW) and Energy which is in kilowatt hours (kWh) The Power is reported as an average over a period of time such as 5 or 15 minutes. Energy is reported as a cumulative value reported at intervals during the day or the production period. In the clip below the dark green line is Power and the light green area graph is cumulative Energy.

Power values refer to the Left hand scale and Energy values refer to the Right hand scale. Energy is calculated by summing the incremental Power values multiplied by the time interval in hours. Thus an Incremental Energy value of 2 kW of Power over a period of 15 minutes is 2 kW * (15 / 60) hour = 0.500 kWh. This 0.5 kWh is added to the previous production Energy sum. The energy cure always increases while the Power curve varies with the intensity of the sunlight on the panels. At sunset the Power value will be 0 and the Energy value will the the total Energy produced by your panels. The Energy value should be the same as that shown on your Inverter readout.