Imported Power correct but Consumption data error on CC ENVIR

I have always had this issue and thought maybe there is a simple way to correct it.

I have an aurora inverter providing the generation data

I have a current cost ENVIR monitoring 3 phases providing consumption data (the solar wire does not pass though any of the clamps)

The generation data is correct and the amount of power exported is also correct and its pretty likely that the consumption data is correct but I dont know exactly what I consume from my generation.

The problem is it seems that the amount imported is the same as the amount consumed.

If I use the smart meter data from jemena, I can see that if I deduct the exported amount from the imported amount then the amounts looks correct, so is there some simple setting I may have incorrect ?
If not can I use the rule feature to fix this issue ?

any help appreciated.


First you need to build an accurate wiring diagram for you electrical system.

Second you must accurately show how your solar and generator are connected in your wiring diagram.

Third you must accurately show on the wiring diagram where the CT’s for your ENVIR are placed.

Finally you need to verify that for your have properly made your settings in PVOutput.

Without the above information any suggestions will only be wild guesses. With three sources of power it is critical that you show the wiring diagram for you system and placement of any of your current sensors measuring the power outputs of each source. Placing a current sensor (CT) on you power mains will always only measure your Net consumption from the electric company. CT’s placed on the power output leads from your inverter will only measure the output of your PV system, CT’s placed on the output of your Generator will only measure the output of your generator. Knowing these three will determine your consumption. If you can isolate your house loads from the other systems and place CT’s on the feeds will determine your consumption.

The over arching equations is the Net Consumption is equal to the sum of your generation sources, PV and Generator, less you Consumption.

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Thanks, i read through some other threads and and I cant believe it was as simple as under the tarrif setting making sure it was set to net instead of gross, that fixed it - its been wrong for 7 years - fortunately it lets me recalculate and apply that backwards 20 days at a time so went back and fixed past 2 years