Import tarrif setup help required from UK user

Hii need help in setting the import tarrif in the UK. My generation is recorded at 5 minute intervals but I enter the daily useage as one total figure at the end of the day. I have enterd my generation Tarrif as 15.7 pence per Kw plus export tariff Which is 5.03ppKw Divided by Two thus 18.215ppKw as the total, this seems wrong to me and the balance figures dont seem to be correct which would support this. Any help would be appreciated.

Sounds right to me. So if you generated 10kWh in a day your feed in value would be £1.82?


The UK model used to be all imports were paid at the import rate, however the FIT was multiplied by the Gross generation rather than export.

The export model Gross UK tariff model supports this.