Import comparison showing incorrect values

Hello All,

I am having issues when comparing Import values. Maybe it’s my (poor) use of the features or maybe it’s a bug … not sure, so looking for some advice please.

When I look at monthly values, and compare vs 12 months ago, it works OK for Efficiency & Consumed but the Import comparison is incorrect as it uses the Generated value instead of the Import value.

Note: I get the same issues when looking at a daily comparison - date vs 365 days prior)

Here’s what I am seeing, compared to the monthly My Output table:

Can you post the page address/url of the comparison here please.

Hi @bankstownbloke

Sorry, missed your reply.

Here’s the URL that shows the incorrect Import values

The import / consumption value is now showing correctly in the table.

Thanks for reporting this.

Awesome. Thanks @bankstownbloke

Have a good Xmas and New Year