Import and Export Calculations don't seem to line up


I’ve been attempting to retrospectively upload data from an Ausnet import and export CSV. I’ve had great success at getting the data into the system. But I can’t seem to understand how import and export is calculated. From reading other questions, I’m aware that you can only Import or Export in a single 5 minute period. You can’t do both. I have completed calculations to ensure that only import or export happens in a 5 minute period.

I’ve been looking at the data and trying to understand what I’ve got wrong.

The 7:55 - 8:00 am timeslot uses 11Wh, but generates 59Wh. The graph for that period has the following;

That does not show any export in that timeslot.

My consumption is set to private at this time, so I’m not sure if it will be easy to look at or not. Let me know it that needs changing. The URL for the graph screen is; My System Graph

Any assistance understanding what’s going on and what understanding I’m missing would be great.



After reviewing my system setting, I noticed that my aggregation of debits and credits was set to 30 minutes, I adjusted that and resubmitted the data for the day in question. The results appear the same though.


After more investigation, I have worked out the cause.

When you do edit the debits and credits calculation, it applies only to the tariff you have loaded. Even though it’s above the tariff loading and saving, it’s managed on a per tariff basis. When I altered all of the tariffs and saved them, then made a change to the date, the totals were correct.

Case closed, but hopefully helpful to someone in the future.