Imcomplete indicator gone


In the past there was an indicator in the list views which showed then “incomplete” years/months/weeks. For example when you view the “monthly” list in the last column there was the number of day’s missing. Is this feature removed? Or is it behind a (configuration) switch?

I used it to manually complete all the missing days…


Its still there in monthly view i think,


You Think? Did you check? See screenshot:

In Aug 2019 there are three missing days. In Juli 2019 two missing days…


That is not the monthly view you show here.
Below the graph you see some links live/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly
These pages show if it is an incomplete month or year


I found why the “indicator is missing” :frowning: I used the links live/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly to make this screenshot. BUT… when the chart is in “Show detailed view” (the third little square blue bullet directly below the chart itself) the listing shows a different set of columns… Sorry, my bad… I missed this super tiny difference…