Idle System Alert - Not Delivered Until Next Day

Hi all,

I’ve got an issue that just popped up overnight with the Idle System Alert. I’ve got it setup as per the following in the system settings.


The problem is that yesterday the system tripped at around 12:20pm with no other inputs after that.


I would have expected that I’d have got the idle alert ~15 minutes after that. However, I didn’t get the idle alert until 15 minutes into the next day.


Is there some setting that I need to check/setup to get the idle alerts on the same day the system goes idle or is it designed to only come in the next day?


It may be related to the openweather feed is keeping the system from idling. Will need to confirm this.

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Confirming that the separate weather updates do not affect the idleness. The alert will still trigger after solar/consumption updates stop.

It would seem the Fronius pushes were still being sent every 5-minutes for the stale 12:20 data for the rest of the day. This would explain why the idle alert only triggered the next day. Unfortunately logging does not go back that far to confirm, but this would be the most logical scenario.

Idle alerting would need to be enhanced to also handle stale updates.

Changing this to an idea for future enhancement.

Cool. Thanks for looking into it.

If it helps for logging, same issue occured yesterday 19/12/2021.

The ‘Idle on Stale’ option for alerting has been added.


When enabled this will trigger the idle alert if the same timestamp is received. This only works when both the consumption and generation uploads are stale.