Icon to the left of name


I’ve noticed lately that some sites have pictures to the left of their name. For example, this one has a picture to the left of the “Vermont Prism Solar Bifacial” name.

How do I add an icon to my system?


The icon / thumbnail appears if the system has a photo.

Edit the system and add the URL of the photo near the bottom and save.

The thumb will appear after a few hours if the link is valid.


Strange. My system does have a picture but doesn’t show the icon/thumbnail…


I’d added a Dropbox URL to an image when I first joined nearly 3 years ago, but then forgotten to ever check where it appeared. This thread reminded me to finally look for the result which is apparently that icon, but I didn’t see one.

I just reloaded the same image from Dropbox to Photobucket and reloaded this new address and the icon showed up a couple of minutes later. Clicking on it opens a bigger version - so it does work :slight_smile:


The thumb is appearing now, it may have been an issue downloading from Amazon S3 at the time.


Hey, that’s my system! I just joined the site a week ago, and I had a photo from the very start but I realized it was at a very large resolution (over 2000 pixels) so I just changed it yesterday. I noticed as soon as I changed it to a smaller resolution that I had a new thumbnail next to system account name. Not sure if the timing was coincidental with a new feature implementation or related to the linked image size.


I think if you make a new link to the photo it might appear? Maybe it is a new feature, or recently started working again?


That’s strange. The picture has been there for months and I’ve checked daily in the past week or so and it wasn’t showing up.


You are right that the thumbnail won’t generate from images larger than 800kb.


Actually I think it might be a problem accessing images from a dropbox link. Mine has 5 photos specified with dropbox links, each in the 100 - 200 KB range, and no thumbnail. When I click on the photo icon to the far right of the ladder listing, hovering over the icon shows ‘4 photos available’, but clicking throws up ‘the image could not be loaded’. the words ‘the image’ is a clickable link that does correctly bring up the dropbox-hosted photo, so the URL uploaded is clearly correct. And no thumbnail next to the system name.
@wiburight’s system started showing when he switched from dropbox to photobucket, consistent.

https://pvoutput.org/ladder.jsp?rank=15411&o=e&d=desc&filter=0 to check.