IAM Meter Upload Issue


I have an IAMMeter three phase and am having an issue with the power consumption Energy Used value throughout the day when solar generating. I have attempted to work with the IAMMeter support but they seem unhelpful as they advise no one uses this feature.
How this is deployed.
I deployed a docker container so I had real time values and could consume the data into home assistant, and push the information to PVOutput, which I have used for many years.
All Values throughout the day are correct with the exception of the Energy Used value, which seems to be adding the Consumption and and generation together.
I have been manually fixing the issue daily by downloading all the daily data and using the live loader to just load the generation and consumption data and leaving PVOutput to calculate the other fields automatically.
I do not want to do this every day, is there anyone here who has used this setup, that works, and how did you achieve it?

There seems to be an option to log the data to a local database, is the data correct in the database?


Local data seems strange, and yes it would match the cumulative power consumption data shown in PVOutput, this docker container sending this data to Home Assistant and the data is all as I expect there, it also forwards the data to the IAMMeter online portal and the data is all as expected there as well.

Problem is when this device is wired the way they advise, Home Assistant, and IAMMeter, and Local data all match, but nothing uploads to PVOutput due to negative figures, so there answer was to make these zero, not helpful because they are not zero, needed to be switched to a positive figure, but they would only zero out, so therefore as soon as the generation surpassed the consumption and began to export boom no more data, until drawing more from the grid. So my configuration is as described with the load and grid switched.

The docker system had an upload to pvoutputpro but it is buggy hence nobody uses it. I tried.
Instead, follow their instructions and video to send data to Home Assistant via MODBUSTCP. I think the update from the meter is then about every six seconds.

Then the following script in automations.yaml, will send data to pvoutputpro
url: https://pvoutput.org/service/r2/addstatus.jsp
method: POST
X-Pvoutput-Apikey: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
X-Pvoutput-SystemId: “yyyy”
accept: “application/json”
payload: ‘d={{as_local(now()).strftime("%Y%m%d&t=%H:%M")}}&v1={{states.sensor.yield_energy_wh.state|float(0)|round(0)}}&v2={{states.sensor.modbus_power_c.state|float(0)}}&v3={{states.sensor.grid_consumption_energy_wh.state|float(0)|round(0)}}&v4={{states.sensor.load_power.state|float(0)|round(0)}}&v6={{states.sensor.modbus_voltage_a.state|float(0)}}&c1=1’

Then under automations and scenes create a trigger that is called every 5 minutes of every hour that calls a service to fire RESTful Command: pvoutputpro. This has been bulletproof for me,

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I might add if this is set up correctly the meter can still send data to IAMMETER’s web site system (Which I like) and still provide accurate data to Home Assistant via modbus. Then You have all of HA’s energy data to update PVOUTPUT with energy used etc. (Your variable names may be doffferent to mine…)

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Hi Rob,

Thank you so much for this, I will take a look at this.
I will be glad that now will be able to swap the sensors around correctly.
IAM Meter support was very unhelpful, even though I was explaining the only thing they needed to change.