I have extra new current cost CT clamps

I purchased 10 of these from the UK and I have 6 left.
I did not know that my large black monitors were able to be changes to individual circuits and not just 1 cable for each monitor.

So by adding the extra cable/Clamps, I now am additionally monitoring the power usage on my Oven, HotPlates, Air Conditioning, Power Points, Lights - basically anything that could be separated/Identified/Grouped in my electricity box. These all are sent to the energomonitor website then.

I have 6 spare cables if anyone wants them - not trying to make any money out of this, just trying to recover some costs.

Do you by any chance still have any of these going spare? If so, I’d be happy to take a couple off your hands (though I’ll settle for one if that’s all you’ve got left) - just let me know how much you want for them, and what it’ll cost to send them to New Zealand.

I have a full current cost 2 transmitters, pc cable and a few clamps Ive decommissioned if you were interested in buying a whole setup?

I’ve got the transmitter (and RF receiver setup to directly receive the data into my home automation system), so I’m really only after a couple of clamps to plug in to my existing transmitter. Would you be willing to sell me just a couple of clamps? If not, I’ll keep waiting to see whether @Vaise still has any spare clamps available, thanks.