I don't know where to begin!

Hello everyone. first time post here.

I added a site, put in my info, and turned on the API. Got a number, saved the site and it appears I have no info from my solaredge inverter to pvoutput.

From the solaredge monitoring site, I see an API numbers, but it’s not the one generated by pvoutput. Apparently I can’t copy and paste from one to the other either.

how does pvoutput know to connect to the solaredge monitor platform?

so, what the heck am I doing wrong?


Apparently your installer did not give you rights as the owner to make changes on the monitoring site. If you are the owner of the system contact your installer and request that you be made owner of the system. If you are leasing the system, as some users do, request the system’s “owner” to make the changes for you.

You will need two pieces of information from SolarEdge

  1. SolarEdge Site Id
  2. SolarEdge API Key

See https://pvoutput.org/help.html#autoupload-solaredge

Ask SolarEdge support for the above information if you are unsure.

Enter these into the PVOutput system configuration below


Thanks for your reply.
I am the owner and installer.

Great! That’s the info I needed. I’ll attack the problem later today.


That was simple enough. I guess now I have to sit back and see if it uploads to this site.



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