I am seeing errors in my PVBeancounter log file

Can anyone tell me what the issue is please and how I may resolve it.

Looked back through the logs and it started around the 14th December 2022


02/02/2023 15:43:53 :T13 PVOutput/5182 - Inf :SendPVOutputBatch: Protocol Error: data=20221213,13:00,49056,14688,;20221213,13:05,49083,324,;20221213,13:10,49107,288,;20221213,13:15,49129,264,;20221213,13:20,49154,300,;20221213,13:25,49181,324,;20221213,13:30,49210,348,;20221213,13:35,49239,348,;20221213,13:40,49269,360,;20221213,13:45,49296,324,;20221213,13:50,49327,372,;20221213,13:55,49360,396,;20221213,14:00,49392,384,;20221213,14:05,49425,396,;20221213,14:10,49456,372,;20221213,14:15,49485,348,;20221213,14:20,49510,300,;20221213,14:25,49529,228,;20221213,14:30,49545,192,;20221213,14:35,49559,168,;20221213,14:40,49572,156,;20221213,14:45,49584,144,;20221213,14:50,49594,120,;20221213,14:55,49603,108,;20221213,15:00,49611,96,;20221213,15:05,49619,96,;20221213,15:10,49625,72,;20221213,15:15,49631,72,;20221213,15:20,49634,36,;20221213,15:25,49636,24, Error: Bad request 400: Power value [14688] too high for system size [4000]
02/02/2023 15:43:53 :T13 PVOutput/5182 - Inf :LoadPVOutputBatch: pvoutput.org batch updated - DataPoints: 7 - Hour Total: 100 - Limit: 100

You send power=14688 where your system is 4000W. Pvoutput allows a max of 150% or 6000W
Edit the data and remove the invalid power value

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I have looked at anything I can think of, but I cannot see where that value is coming from. The data downloaded from the inverter is the same as it has always been. Can you give me any pointers?

are you uploading daily or…???
this is the error line. it looks like its totalling everything generated before 13:00 and putting it as 13:00. is something stopping it from running until 1pm?

I think I may have resolved the issue. I have no idea what caused it, but I did look back through the log files for PVBeancounter (which is what I use to do a 5-minute upload) and discovered the first time this occurred was on the 14th December.

Given I could not see where the value was coming from, I took a long shot. I stopped PVBeancounter from running and connected to my inverter directly using Sunny Explorer. I then exported all the data from the 12th December until 6th February. Today 8th February I no longer see those errors in the log file.

So, something got fixed along the way, what it was I have no idea. I even took a look at the PVBeancounter database but that was no revealing anything obvious (to me anyway).

PVBeancounter only runs when my PC is switched on so there can be several days of backlog on some occasions or just the tail end of yesterday up to the time I start the PC.

The issue you describe happens from time to time with SMA inverters… reason unknown

See also https://github.com/SBFspot/SBFspot/issues/137

Thanks, I have now marked as fixed - until the next time :slight_smile: