Hybrid Appliances with battery Banks/power packs


For people that dont have hybrid solar systems/ battery banks.

Does anyone know of what household appliances do, that is have there own power banks that will charge during daylight hours therefore not consuming power during the night.

Eg A clock radio with power bank could potentially save you $5 a year ( copyright pending) :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Dont want them cheap solar powered appliances you see on Amazon.

Them hybrid split system air conditioners do look interesting just not quite sure about the quality.

And of course solar powered hot water systems that we all know. Battery powered vacuum cleaners but then again who vacuums during the night.

Is there a refrigerator that is designed for solar power using most of it energy to store power/cooling itself during the day?

Not what i was looking for but still a good idea & smart kid, diy wall outlet home appliance power bank made from 3x phone power banks & car inverter https://youtu.be/Kq76PfvzETg

Kettle from these guys looks good and cheap


Ive still been looking into power saving appliances looks like our TVs are the biggest power drain.
Will have to swap over to LED TV & throw away the old plasmas a 50inch using 640kw per year on average. More then a large refrigerator.

STAR RATINGS ARE time-based refrigerators 24 hours, TV’s 5 or 10 hours.
So dont trust them look for the kw number and do the math.