Howto: GoodWe via Home Assistant to PV output

I setup my GoodWe inverter yesterday and setup an upload stream to PV output via my local Home Assistant server.

Connect GoodWe to Home Assistant
Setup GoodWe inverter on home Wifi Network
Look for inverter IP in DHCP router
In Home Assistant, use the GoodWe integration and fill in the IP
36 new instances will be setup for the inverter/device, one of them is; sensor.pv_power.

Prepare PV output
Make a system setup
Enable API access
Copy the API key
Copy the system id

Setup upload script
In configuration.yaml include
pvoutputcurl: ‘curl -d “d={{now().strftime(”%Y%m%d")}}" -d “t={{now().strftime(”%H:%M")}}" -d “v2={{states.sensor.pv_power.state|round(0)}}” -d “v5={{states.sensor.inverter_temperature.state|round(0)}}” -d “v6={{states.sensor.pv_voltage.state|round(0)}}” -H “X-Pvoutput-Apikey: typeinyourapikeyhere” -H “X-Pvoutput-SystemId: typeinyoursystemidhere

Setup 5 minute upload
In your automations, setup a new automation, switch to the YAML format and copy:

alias: Upload PV output
description: ‘’

  • platform: time_pattern
    minutes: /5
    condition: []
  • service: shell_command.pvoutputcurl
    data: {}
    mode: single

Your setup may be a bit different, but these were the steps that worked for me.

Yes I adapt for my own setup… I added also the V1 & V3 infos since I can integrate them from an external device.