How to use v1...v6 in extended data rules?

I’d like to perform some calculations on these basic variables in extended data. For example, I’d like to plot a v7 line with the rule ‘v7 = v2 / 5795’, for power generated normalized to system size. However, I can’t get the extended data rule to recognize v2 as valid. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

Unfortunately, per the documentation for the Extended Data Rules, you can’t access v2 in an extended data rule.

Thank you, I totally missed that while looking through help.

We may looking adding this functionality in the future.

Converting this into an Idea.

Thank you for converting.

This has been implemented.

It is now possible to access the values of v1 to v6 in an Extended Data rule.

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I tried to create an Extended Data Rule v11 = v9 - v5. When I tested that rule I received the following error message. I appended this rule to my existing rule separating the two with a semicolon.

Invalid Rule: Sourced file: inline evaluation of: ``v10 = v7 + v8; v11 = v9 - v5;’’ : illegal use of undefined variable, class, or ‘void’ literal

Have I misread the ability of the Extended Data Rules to create a new field from two existing fields? None of the examples show a similar use of defined and user-defined variables.


The extended rule tester should now work with v1-v6

Close but no banana.

The Rule Tester is happy but when I click ‘Save’ to update the System I receive an error message saying:

Invalid Rule: Use Test Rule link for additional details

Sorry, this should be good now.

Yes. The first data point has arrived. Thanks.