How to use a 2nd generation (s/n 4Kxxxxxx) Growatt WiFi logger with PVOutput?


On the Dutch EnergieCommunity forum there is a relatively clear description in English on how to automatically catch and duplicate data for so that can be fed as well using a RaspBerry Pi or other Linux-like computer.

It is my understanding that the description does NOT work for 2nd generation WiFi dongles due to the different configuration interface of that dongle. I would love to get logging to PVOutput to work with that dongle too.

Any help, including alternative ways for getting Growatt inverter data to PVOutput for systems with a 2nd generation WiFi dongle, is appreciated. I’m looking forward to your suggestions.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Borre. I’ll soon be getting a second array installed with a Growatt 1500-S inverter and wi-fi module. I’m looking around for an automated solution to upload to PVOutput and was wondering if you ever found an answer to your original post?

Thanks - Bob.