How to read data direct from Zeversolar Inverter



In case you have a Zeversolar inverter with ethernet / WiFi connection, then FYI it’s very simple to pull power & generation data directly from the beast itself.

Simply call http:/<inverter_ip_address>/home.cgi

Try it in your browser even.

Line 11 gives you current watts, line 12 gives you the day’s kWh produced to that point.

note: your version of ComBox software may have the same issue that mine does for kWh numbers. For some reason, Zeversolar think decimal numbers go


Simple and robust fix (in case they ever fix this in the firmware) – if the number after the decimal point is a single digit, then put a 0 in front of it :slightly_smiling_face:

If anyone’s interested – I got sick of trying to use the Zevercloud API (and its unreliability) so I’m also pulling more detailed data from the inverters by intercepting traffic between them and the Zevercloud. Can pull individual string voltage & current, inverter temp, AC freq, power etc etc. This, however, requires a) that the inverters can talk to the Zevercloud, and b) a slightly more complex setup on a Linux box (ie Raspberry Pi).

I’m now working on impersonating the Zevercloud and having the inverters upload directly to my Pi. May ironically actually be a simpler setup than the intercept solution.

Anyway, let me know if you’re interested in learning more.

Hope that helps!


i’m definitely interested need to setup my old mans zeversolar inverter when its installed and if i can get it to upload the data direct to pvoutput in 5 min intervals it will be alot better than 20 mins.

Just need to somehow measure net data using PVOutput Integration Service or on a CC ENVIR device


I call http:/<inverter_ip_address>/home.cgi 4 times per minute to average out instantaneous power, and then upload that and energy reading every 5 minutes to PVOutput. Works very well. You only need to intercept traffic if you want additional info such as inverter temp, individual string voltage, current, and power, etc.