How to locate dates where there is missing data

On the Ladder page my data is showing as 99% Health.
How do I locate the dates that have the missing data?

Change to the ‘Monthly’ view in and the comments section it would show incomplete monthly data.

Click on the date ‘Nov 21’ to drill down to the daily view and any gaps between dates will be shown.

There are no gaps in this scenario, but the system install date was 18th Nov while the data starts on the 25th. The missing data is from the 18th to 24th.

Thanks for that. I’ve been able to sort that.
Your Monthly view is different from mine, I don’t have a the Comments section in mine.


Click on the first square below the graph to change to the standard view.

Thank you.
I usually have it in the “Generation/Export” view for the graphs.
I hadn’t realised that it actually changed the column views as well.