How to integrate hourly import/export data from utility

I’d like to integrate the generation data pvoutput is retrieving from Enphase with import/export data I can get from my power company. (Yes, I know this would be trivial by installing CTs, but there’s no room in my panel.)

If I’m reading the pvoutput API docs right, I would use the Add Status service to upload the data from the power company, and then this data can be merged with the Enphase data by using the parent/child thing.

The problem is, the import/export data from the power company is only available in one-hour intervals, and it appears from pvoutput’s API docs that the status interval must be between 5-15 minutes.

Is it possible to integrate this hourly import/export data? Or do I need to settle for using the daily totals instead of intraday?

Thanks for your help.

Whilst the upload rate is set at either 5 or 15 minute intervals you don’t have to upload at that rate - just not exceed it.

Technically its possible to divide the hourly data by 12 as an average, however this will cause issues especially with net data.

The parent/child data aggregation isn’t required. Consumption only data can be sent an existing system (Add Status) with generation and the two will merged on the single system.