How to I configure push for 2x Fronius?

I’ve had a Fronius Primo pushing to my paid account here for 5+ years and it’s been telling me all I need to know in terms of production and consumption, via the Fronius smart meter - all is fine.

I’ve now added a second Fronius and connected it to the Primo via Speedwire, and I was half expecting it’s production to magically be pushed along with that of the Primo - only the Primo has the data manager card.

Could a wise person point me in the right direction to enable the production of both inverters to be pushed to my account please ?

CurrentData - Meter


If the pushes are separate then these would need to go to their own PVOutput systems then combined/aggregated to a parent system -


  • Existing system Inverter A with current push config
  • New system Inverter B with new push config
  • New system Parent with Inverter A and Inverter B as children.

Thank you, that makes sense.

Is it possible to remove or cleanse old systems that were initially setup for testing purposes ?

Change the ‘Status’ of the system to ‘Inactive’ or ‘Decommissioned’