How to have two orientations


Just starting out. I have 10 panels North, 12 panels West but I can not find how I enter two arrays. All it asks for is the Total number of panels and only gives one direction.


When adding or editing your system you’ll see an option which says “Secondary Array” - flick that over to Yes and it will provide you options to enter your next array. Good luck.


Thank you, but that’s just the problem. I have been looking everywhere for an option called Second Array and I can’t find one.
This is what I can see…


I think I added my secondary array by editing my system once the first array was saved.

See the help info here:


Your image cuts off right after “Shading” The secondary array Yes / No is right below that in my settings. Not sure if it is a donation only option? I think I set both up at the same time.


Oh boy, there it is, as you say, right under shading. thank you very much.