How to get Fronius consumption kWH on PVOutput

Hi, I have a Fronius Primo 5kw 1phase + smart meter.

I have configured the Push to PVOutput (Meter) as follows:

upload file name: /service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=XXXX&key=YYYY&v3=EnergyReal_WAC_Phase_1_Consumed&v4=PowerReal_P_Phase_1&v6=Voltage_AC_Phase_1&n=1

This works okay but the daily consumption value does not match solarweb at all. The other values match however.

The value “Energy” on PVO matches exactly the daily production kWH on solarweb.
The value “Power Used” on PVO matches exactly what I see on Solarweb
The value “Energy Used” on PVO is more than double what I see on Solarweb.

For instance, today Solarweb reported my consumtion is 12.51kWH whereas PVO reported I used 26.997kWH.

Surely I missed something but I just could not find what is the cause.

Appreciate any help.