How to get days dashboard balance from API

Apologies if this is documented and I’m being a muppet but I can’t find an API query that will return what is called dashBalance on the webpage. I’m looking for the current nett export/import in my chosen currency as displayed on the intraday live data. getstatistic comes close but not quite what I’m looking for.

Its currently not possible to retrieve the balance, but the daily (credit / debit) amount could be added to ‘Get Output’ API in the future as an enhancement.

Changed this topic has been changed to an ‘Idea’.


I’m coding a MagTag to give solar info on the fridge using json data straight from my Envoy but I would probably change it to grab data from PVOutput if I could also grab the current daily balance in $ (or work it out from the credit & debit) as that would be a cool thing to display.