How to distinguish Grid consumption vs PV or Battery

Hi All - I have used PVOut for a tad over 4 years now to share my system’s performance and my energy usage.

Is there a way for a user with an Enphase system – both PV and batteries – to tell PVOut to distinguish consumption between grid consumption versus self consumption – does anyone know? At present it show total consumption e.g. 30kWh today – but doesn’t distinguish that 1.1 kWh came from the Grid, 12.2 came from batteries and 16.7 came from my own PV. I really want to track mainly my grid usage here if possible!

Many thanks, Matthew

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I guess it depends where you have your consumption measuring device. I’m not sure how to work out the battery
But in the detailed daily graph the chart under the graph shows your consumption, generation, import, export

Import being from the grid, consumption - import = from solar or batteries.