How to display raw power data youless?


I’ve a youless connected to the main meter that reports the power that goes through the main meter.

How can I produce a graph in PVoutput of that raw data without correcting it for the solar power produced at the same time?

I’ve an account with the bonus features.


Perhaps enter it as a second system


Your YouLess is measuring net consumption. That is Consumption - PV production which I assume is your “raw data”. Upload this data to PVOutput as any of the extended variables v7 through v12. Since PVOutput does not provide a service for youless you will need to devise a method of uploading the data to PVOutput. I use a dedicated Raspberry Pi 3.0 B using a python script and the API for my power measuring device to do the automatic upload. See results here:
Here is a reference for using the Youless API:
I assume you are Dutch. If not the Chrome browser can translate the page. Good luck.


Thanks. I don’t have a Raspberry, maybe a simple solution is possible;

I use the API access to PVoutput to upload the youless data (using youless firmware). Youless measures Consumption - PV production, it doesn’t know the PV production. Taking that into account is done in the PVoutput website.

Is there an option on the PVoutput website to get the raw data from youless to e.g. v7.


second system; I ran out of systems and can’t delete one. But even then I still have the issue: Is there an option on the PVoutput website to get the raw data from youless to e.g. v7?


In order to use the extended variables v7 through v12 you must be a donator. It costs only about $15US a year and well worth it.
Go to your setup page by clicking on your system size on you live page. Scroll down until you see these settings and click on the “secondary device” and see this for the supported devices:

If you don’t see your device you cannot use this option and you will need to use another method such as a Raspberry PI or similar single board computer which you can program to do the auto uploads. The Raspberry PI is open source, costs about $25US and the operating system, Linux, is free. I use Debian on mine. There are online sites such as which is also free and you can search for others who may have already done the programming for you.
Since your youless does not appear in the list it is not supported. Here is a link to a GitHub project for the youless. You may have to join GitHub which is free to see the actual project. There are a lot of helps on the site for non-programmers.

Good luck!


Thanks. I’m a donator. All the math is done on the PV output site. Would be nice to have more options in the Rule section and add the youless to the supported devices. Combine consumption and solar production in 1 rule and I can produce all the graph and data that I need.

I like to Raspberry device, but a combination of a youless, inverter, network switch and a raspberry to solve this is a bit too much hardware.


By the way, you may already know this but PVOutput already combines Consumption and Production in the 4th button found under the date on your main page. The blue line is Consumption - Production or Net.