How to delete a system?

I created a system for testing a push service but I don’t want it anymore. I deleted all the measurements and have marked the system as “Decommissioned”. Is there no way to delete it?

I’m a little fussy about cleaning up such things.

It is not possible to delete a system

i have a fair few and trying to delete some of them.

i thought about creating another user and transferring them over but it required a donation account apparently. is this because the system had extended data in it or can you only transfer systems if your a donator and they are a donator?

Same question for me;

One account (with donation) with 10 systems. I’d like to delete one, but can’t transfer it to another (non donating) account.

Is there a workaround?

+1, i have some test systems I would like to remove.

Same here.

Is there a valid reason for not allowing folks to delete inactive/unused/test systems