How to add another summary of grid flow export


So on my graph I can see grid flow under extended values for imported power; how can I add another that shows exported power which would be negative values?


That ‘grid flow’ in the daily summary will be the aggregate of the imported grid and exported grid throughout the day - if you have exported during the day the same amount as you imported during the night, the daily summary grid flow will be zero (not that you’ll be importing much at all while you can run off battery during darkness hours). Same with the ‘battery flow’ summary line.
If you’re running a Tesla PW2 battery, there is a way of charting separately ‘grid power in’ and ‘grid power out’ so you get two bars in the daily summary showing export and import separated. (see and also battery in separate from battery out.


The export summary in Wh are the orange bars in the standard (Generation/Export) view -


Not the case unfortunately. The orange bar shows 50kw exported yesterday, which the actual figure was 33kw because it 17kw went to the battery. So I’m wanting to graph actual export to the grid


Doesn’t appear true; it seems to be ignoring negative values as the grid graph actually shows the true amount I’ve imported for each day, which leads me to believe the negatives are ignored.

I guess i need another value (maybe I should remove temperature or voltage) to only monitor the output values.


Where are you getting the grid in, grid out, battery in, battery out values from - a Tesla PW2 battery by any chance?