How pvoutput deal with home battery

Hello All,

I Have a Enphase istallation with 30x 415 Wp installed and aslo a 3 x home batteries(Sessy) of 5 kW each. How can PV output deal with this ? The batteries are programmed to do zero usage concumption of the grid. So as soon as we deliver back energie the batteries starts charging and at nigt time they deliver to drian their charge. How can PVoutput deal wih this to calculate effciency ?

kind regards Frans

Battery data calculations is currently not supported.

Enphase does has a battery API to extract battery information - but we would need to investigate if the data is usable and define the rules/calculation used to incorporate this into the existing generation/consumption feeds.

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I have the same issue an am close to a solution. My solar/battery system has a meter in the switchboard which allows the battery to produce just enough power to balance the household load and I can read all the information I need from the inverter to upload to pvoutput. The consumption data needs to take into account the battery output and charging. I believe the consumption can be calculated as
Use = solar + grid import - grid export - battery export - battery import. ie energy in - energy out.
I have written a python program that collects this data and writes to a file. Once I can confirm it is working I will export the data to pvoutput. You can use the extended data slots to publish state of charge. So basically you have to do the math externally and upload the result.