How do I get live data for SolarEdge + LG battery correctly set up

Hi, I’m lost on how to correctly set up a system with battery, in PVO.

Right now PVO gives the weirdest numbers when feeding it data from my SolarEdge + LG Battery. The numbers in my Solar Edge are obviously perfectly fine. And according to the API documentation of SolarEdge, all the battery flow information such as charge, discharge etc, is there.

My config is as stated on this forum / help file.

Primary: Solar edge, Solar.

Secondary: Solar edge, Consumption.

Both with the same API key and Site ID from SolarEdge.

Yet, the numbers seem to be way off. It seems that usage coming from the battery is counted towards import. Charging the battery isn’t even mentioned. And production doesn’t match PV not battery production… I’m lost.

It’s fine if detailed information of the battery flow is missing, but it doesn’t even get my daily consumption and production totals right.

Is there anything I’m doing wrong, or missing? Or does PVO simply not work when using storage ? Is there a way for me to feed PVO the right data somehow ?


Battery data is not requested from SolarEdge but it should not affect the accuracy of the Gross Consumption and Solar data, unless the addition of the battery has affected the way this information is being reported by SolarEdge.

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We could look into logging “storageData” from SolarEdge which contains battery charge/discharge power and state of charge. These would go into the PVOutput extended parameters (v7 - v12).

Correlating this information with existing consumption and generation data may help identify the cause of the problem.

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That would be nice, I’d love to dabble with the data and maybe calculate the round-trip loss over a longer period of time. Afaik, the roundtrip efficiency gets worse over years.