How do I configure "SBFspot.cfg" for (MIS) Multi Inverter Support

I have a SPFspot install dated Feb 2018
The “SBFspot.cfg” file has a section “# MIS_Enabled (Multi Inverter Support: Default=0 Disabled)”

0 being 1 Inverter
1 being more than 1

In the file: SBFspotUpload.cfg in /usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3 the file contains info about the serial number of the two inverters

This ensured that both inverters data were written to a csv file
07/02/2023 16:10:04;SB 4000TL-21 237 Left;SB 4000TL-21;2130440300;1297,000;155,000;6,270;0,720;206,960;216,360;1430,000;0,000;0,000;6,147;0,000;0,000;232,680;0,000;0,000;1452,000;1430,000;0,000;20,151;32082,431;50,140;24623,776;23867,666;0,000;Ok;Closed;53,360 07/02/2023 16:35:04;SB 4000TL-21 358 Right;SB 4000TL-21;2130440301;753,000;176,000;3,437;0,673;219,230;262,750;918,000;0,000;0,000;3,973;0,000;0,000;231,450;0,000;0,000;929,000;918,000;0,000;21,498;32840,302;49,930;24718,437;24011,062;69,020;Ok;Closed;48,210
This setup now uploads the one inverter data to

Since I now need the readings in my MQTT server and decided it is time for a fresh install and followed the instructions provided here.

The issue now is that I have only ONE inverter configured in the SBFspotUpload.cfg file and there is no indication for the program to know I have two inverters
The SBFspotUpload.cfg file also caters for only one inverter.

My questions are:

  1. What do I do to configure for two inverters?
    How do I amend the SBFspotUpload.cfg file to know I have two inverters

  2. How do I configure MQTT in the SBFspotUpload.cfg under MQTT config section to have two inverters?

  3. Once configured: How do I restart the SBFSpot service?

I will really appreciate help/pointers very much

Don’t cross-post between sites… I’ll try to help here

Sincerest apologies. I will stick to one place!