How can you combine data from Efergy AND SMA SBFSpot?


The scenario - generation data only on 2x graphs made by RPI running SBFSpot on a SMA20000TL here:

(The two child graphs exist because the 20000TL presents itself as 2x 10KW inverters, and the SBFSpot has to create two sets of data for upload)

and they are being summed to a parent with generation data only here:

There is a Efergy unit used for monitoring consumption and generation on another graph:

Is there any way to get just the consumption value ONLY from the Efergy, and add it to the parent SMA graph?

I tried adding the Efergy as a primary device on the SMA parent, with consumption only, but the solar generation displayed dropped to zero, so the 2x child data was being ignored once the Efergy was included.

(I have the two setups in place because the Efergy solar data was deemed a bit suspect, due to it being used on a 3-phase system. The SMA parent should be a more accurate measure of the solar, as it’s sourcing data from the inverter directly, whereas the Efergy is clamping on a distribution box some distance away.)


Not at the moment, but this is probably a useful feature to have.

The Aggregation Mode setting currently only applies to the parent system, we would need the setting for children to send either consumption or solar to the parent.

Please create new ‘idea’ thread so we can track progress.


This feature has been added by using the Aggregation Mode setting on each child.