How can I monitor AC voltage?

My inverter is Fronius Primo 5.0-1, without smart meter.
can setup AC voltage to be shown on the graph? how?

No you can’t as the voltage value is supplied by the smart meter.

Hi chway i have my inverter read by a raspberry Pi4,it reads AC voltage,inverter temp and lots of other stuff in extended data as well,and then it pushed to PVO every 5 min,see the code thing was written by someone else who installed it for me as well,so i am unable to share it with you, if you look on the Raspery PI forum you should be able to find some one to help you,hope this helps Jim

Hi @zcwhy,

According to

You can PUSH the Voltage using ‘Fronius Log Data Push’ if you include the relevant clause in the push string. The Log Push is performed HOURLY so you may have to wait awhile for the Voltage data to appear.


Note: In order to use the Log Data Push you need to be a Donor

You can also extract the AC voltage from the inverter using the following URL - Substituting the IP address of your inverter for ‘fronius’ if required.


The AC voltage appears as UAC. The UAC field can be extracted and pushed periodically via a script if desired.

Thanks for your information.
I will try fist one.