HomeWizard P1 data import


I am living in the Netherlands and want to integrate the consumption to the PVOutput graphs of my Solar generation.

Anyone familiar with linking the HomeWizard P1 to PVOutput?

Are any other easy tools to get grip on my consumption as well?


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Hi Jaques.
It may be easier to connect pvoutput direct to your system by the api interface. I did this for my SolarEdge system.
I also live in the Netherlands. Greetz,


Did you ever solved this issue?

I have the same situation.
I am logging my solar output in Pvoutput, but I want to log my consumption data too.
I bought a Homewizard P1 logger to read my smart meter, but don’t know if this data can be send to PVoutput too?

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Ik zit in exact dezelfde situatie als riemmolen_5.
Kan iemand mij vertellen welke instellingen ik precies in pvoutput moet invoeren?

Ik zou zeer dankbaar zijn voor hulp hierbij.

I believe that can be done in an easy way by putting in the data manually into PVOutput . I did this for the first 18 days of January and that seems to work (select Add Output and then under “Energy Usage” , I filled in the daily consumption under 'Energy Used".

Of course, more complicated ways may work as well (e.g. writing scripts at platforms like Home Assistant)

I hope this helps,

Best regards,

I plan to build a docker container with a python script that fetches the information from the HomeWizard API. the starting oint for this is: https://github.com/Adiii717/docker-python-cronjob and a few hints from something like this: https://github.com/willemstoker/aps-to-pvoutput

All I need is some time to sit down and get this going.

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Here also a HomeWizard P1 Meter and kWh Meter, would be nice if we can use this for the power consumption at PVOutput?