Home usage drops to zero in graphs

In my setup I have 2 child systems and one master (Aggregate) system. One of the child systems gets the data from our smart meter P1 port (using a youless LS120) and the PV data pushed from the Fronius inverter, in addition it gathers the temperature from openweathermap. The other child system has the PV data uploaded through some python script. So far so good. the issue I see however is that our usage grph drops to zero usage, which is simply not possible. Our house will use around 400-500 watt regardless, so this should be visible while it doesn’t show. This seems to be some issue with the usage calculation, or possibly some out of sync data uploading. This shows only when there’s PV production.

If a consumption graph hits zero then it is most likely the meter recording net data rather than gross. The 0W displays are when consumption goes negative, i.e. exporting excess generation.

Depending on how the data is uploaded for the system, it should switch to a net consumption option rather than gross. When net is combined with generation, the gross consumption can be calculated.

I do send my meter data as v4 parameter (net), could it be that somewhere in PVoutput I need to change the settings for this to work? I’ve set the “net calculations” and “net power tracking” to disabled in the child systems and to enabled in the parent system. I’ve set “net delay” to 5 mintues for the parent and to none for the child systems. anything I may have overlooked here?

If you’re using ‘Add Status’ API then add &n=1 to the end of the request to specify that the consumption data is net.

The document section below explains how this works in further detail -

would &n=1 still be required even if I use v4 as data type? I’m not even sure if this is possible to send with a youless connected to the P1 port.

&n=1 just switches v2 and v4 from gross to net.

v2 becomes export and v4 becomes import.

  • v4=400, registers 400W import
  • v4=-400, registers 400W export

Without n=1

  • v4=400, registers 400W consumption
  • v4=-400, registers 0W, gross consumption cannot be negative.
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I checked with the support from Youless and they do upload with $n=1 , so this should not really be the issue. I wonder if this could be related to the fact that I have a setup with one aggregate system (to report for the whole house) and multiple child systems, of which the Smart meter reporting is its own child. Here it seems that the negative power-use (more production than consumption), gets set to a value of 0 for the child system, and hence the parent (Aggragate) system doesn’t see the raw data, but instead it sees just the 0W data.

Could this be the situation here?

This would be the issue, since the &n=1 only works when there is generation present to calculate the gross consumption. The net data should be sent to the system with generation data.

Aggregates only work on gross data by summing up the positive value of each child and adding it to the parent.

This seems to change things slightly, although there’s still considerable amount of time when usage graph drops down to zero Watt (which is simply impossible in our situation). I’m puzzled why this could still be there.