Home built Energy Monitor pushing data to PVOutput.org

Hi all,

I have a Bosch BPT Inverter which can’t push data at all…this was truly frustrating, not only that but that import & export data wasn’t available either.

So, I did something about it and I built my own hardware to gather the Bosch data, incorporate data from a new Smart Meter I installed (true import & export data) and publish everything to PVOutput.org.

Wifi is used to connect to the Bosch inverter where it scrapes the data and also to publish to PVOutput.org.

There’s a little display on the unit which gives some of the data, see photo.

I made a YouTube video about the project here:-

The source code for the software is in the video description if anyone wants to replicate it.

It’s been running a couple of days and seems to be working fine albeit I am still monitoring some parameters like consumption to make sure they have been calculated properly.