Hide System function


I have been able to upload live data for a number of months now and with one of the larger UK systems I like looking at the Live Outputs table which defaults to a view sorted in descending order of daily totals as I am often near the top despite being in cloudy Northern Ireland (we are currently on day 9 of an unbroken run of sunny days which is virtually unheard of).
Some UK systems on PV Output are clearly not reporting their live data correctly (eg https://www.pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=9852&sid=7998) and it is annoying to see them near the top of the daily total ranking - the above system had an efficiency of 17% today which is impossible.
It would be great to be able to hide such systems from view.
It would also be great if they could be flagged and perhaps a moderator could then contact owners of anomalous systems putting them on notice that they will be taken down or hidden from public view if they don’t correct their data reporting but I appreciate this would take precious extra resources!


It is possible to block systems via blocklists -


Although it will not remove the system completely from all pages.


Yet another reminder of what a comprehensive system it is!