Help with runnning on a Linux Server


I’m trying to run the script through a cron job on my web server and keep getting the following error:
“Error: Could not find or load main class org.pvoutput.integration.Controller”

I’ve uploaded the files as mentioned in the installation sheet and changed the permissions of to 755. Anything else that I need to do?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve started investigating running the integration service on a pi and noticed that there was some help in this thread Xively and CurrentCost Energy Meter

I’ve not tried it myself (waiting for my new system to be fitted) but hopefully it may help. I’d be interested to hear how you get on.


Looking at the file, it’s loading up the java classpath with jars from the lib directory. Relative to the, the lib directory should be “…/lib”. The Controller class is then in the jar org.pvoutput.integration.jar.

So as long you’ve uploaded the content with the original zip folder structure, e.g:

it should find the right jars relative to the scripts location (script is in the bin directory).

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I’m running the integration service on a Raspberry PI3. All I did was edit the bin/ file and replaced “i686” with “armv5”. Also, edit the conf/pvoutput.ini file to add your api key, sid, logs directory, and device settings.

I’ve set it up to run in a “screen” session for background operation, and monitoring.

Works great.

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Has anybody been able to run the software under MacOS?

Check out the MacOS version of the RXTX lib, RXTX-mac.

You’ll most likely need to edit the script to point to the correct RXTX lib files.