Help with aggregation data setup

Hi All,

I’ve got 2 solar systems on my roof, one GoodWe inverter with 12 280WP panels,
and an Enphase system with 5 micro inverters and 5 430WP panels.

When I look at the documentation, I should create a parent system and two child systems attached,

The child systems arent dificult to make, but what settings do I have to enter in the parent ? because I have two different brand panels, what do I enter at panel max power, panel brand etc ?



I’ve not worked with parent and child systems but I would think on the parent you could input the info as two array’s as each one can have different specs for panels & inverters. Not sure if both of your arrays are each facing a single direction or not. But even then you can do some adjustments with azimuths as well. In my situation its all one system but I have 4 arrays all at different azimuths. I split into two as pvoutput only allows for two arrays by doing a weighted average for azimuth. So for instance I have 9 panels at 21 degrees, and 8 at 111. So (9x21)+(8x111)=888 so 888/17=65.35 so I did 17 panels at azimuth 65.35. I hope this makes sense. The insolation is pretty spot on now by doing that and everything seems in line with my monthly estimates that I created using pvwatts which I did 4 separate systems and totaled them together.

The only relevant piece of information for the parent is the total panels and size. These should match the total size of all children assigned to it.

Panel and inverter brand names is used for information only, you can have “Brand A + Brand B”