Help to test commercial application in Germany

I thank this great community in advance for any help it can give me.
I am looking for PV System owners or pros based in Germany with data of energy produced available on the Internet to test our solution to assess PV systems.
Although data could also be extracted from PVOutput, it would be great if they would be available through an Inverter, smart meters, or datalogger web service.

In 2014, I founded a company based on software I developed to monitor and assess PV systems in the cloud in Italy. The main idea was to collect data from smart meters and inverters to give insights to people, installers, and pros simply and inexpensively.
Now, we are looking to introduce our service in Germany, and we want to test it.
We will provide a link to register and insert data of your plant and of the Internet account where energy data are available.
We have APIs for several services of Inverters, so we should be able to read data and give you all insights about your system, including efficiency considering solar radiations for any interval.

Of course, the service will be free with all the functionalities for any tester.