Help setup SolarEdge Github monitoring


This program is for monitoring solar production from an inverter.

I’m not a programmer, and the most technical thing I’ve done recently is following instructions to unlock Asus RT-68U from T-mobile firmware. But where do I start in this ? Do I need to buy a raspberry pi first? The inverter has a LAN plug which is currently hooked to a router.



Assuming that your inverter is one of these:

This project builds on solaredge-local (, and therefore will only work for inverters supported by that project. As a reminder, “The local API is available on the SExxxxH-US models with SetApp as well as European three phase inverters SEXXK-XXXTXBXX4 models with SetApp like SE3K-E10K, SE12.5K-SE27.6K and SE33.3K”. Basically, if your Solaredge inverter does NOT have a display, you’re probably good for the solaredge-local library. Moreover, this project currently focuses on single-phase inverters.

A Raspberry Pi might be the simplest option. You could also use any computer that will run ‘Python 3’ and MariaDB. I would expect that the power consumption of a Pi is significantly less than that of an older PC though especially if you are going to run it around the clock!

Of course if you have an old PC you could test the SolarEdge monitoring without committing any $$$ up front.


Thanks I might try that