Help please

hi all, trying to get a sunnyboy (SMA) TL5000 to work with PVoutput. I have bluetooth connectivity most of the system setup on the app, but I used to have a system a couple of years back and cant seem to delete it so I can add the new one, but then I am getting suck in trying to link the inverter to the PV output, any help appreciated

Are you using SBFspot? If so you need to make sure that the PVOutput system you are trying to upload to is correctly referenced in SBFspotUpload.cfg. This could be your original system or a new one - if you create a new one you cannot delete the old but you can decommission it by changing its status to “Decommissioned”

The instructions for changing SBFspot are in the documentation here


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I am using SMA2PVOutput. i modified the parameters, but dont know where to put the script, pc wont let me save under SMA app.
so i have a PV listed in PV output, I have modified the script, not sure about the API referer, so I think i have the components but not sure how to joint them all together, I am no coder so simple would be great.

where can i find SBFspot

Hi, i am not sure but i think there is a limit of one system unless you are a donator, so if you have a old system that would be your one system ,donators get up to ten systems, jim
sorry one old system and one new system is too systems

I only have the one system

Ps found sbfspot, downloaded the SQLite then went to down load the next step and too many choices so. Now stuck again

Sorry but I’m not familiar with SMA2PVOutput, others may be able to help.

SBFspot runs well but I run it on a Raspberry Pi. There are instructions for running it on a PC but sorry I’ve no experience of this either.

Good luck - Bob.